One Thousand Risks.

Could God change the world through seemingly average, ordinary people like you and me?

One Thousand Risks is proof that Jesus can set you up to discover adventure in abundance. With an all-out-fight against comfort, fear, and living half-heartedly present, One Thousand Risks will help you know how to experience a super-powered life of spiritual significance.                                      

Your problem is fear––mostly the fear of man, fear of failure, and fear of rejection.

In response to a dare, I began deliberately and consistently fighting fear––one tiny risk at a time, right where I was––which translated into this awkward, awesome life with Jesus.

Have you ever sensed that you were created for something grand? Something way bigger than you could pull off on your own?

You were designed to carry more power than any instrument on the planet.

What if you left the unremarkable old for life in the messy, extravagant new?

Take a risk; your Father is king of the universe.

What friends are saying about One Thousand Risks:

Chad Johnson is fearless because he sincerely sees humanity as family. In his new book, One Thousand Risks, Chad shares intense faith-encounters he’s had with people simply by getting out of his comfort zone and approaching strangers as the Spirit leads him. This is a real and honest look at a normal guy who’s learned to hear God’s voice through trial and error. Chad has thrown fear and insecurity aside, allowing Jesus to use him in radical new ways. After reading One Thousand Risks... will you?
— Brian "Head" Welch, Co-founder / Korn / New York Times best-selling author
Packed full of breathtaking transparency and earnest truth, it was impossible to put this book down! One Thousand Risks is for anyone (Christian or not) who wants to look inside the life of a man genuinely desiring to see God move.
— Matty Mullins, Memphis May Fire
This book addresses what we all desperately need and never stop wanting: a life more abundant!
— Melody Joy Murray, Founder & CEO / JOYN
One day we’ll leave this tent and we’ll be with Jesus. But, right now, we get to live fully charged with the Holy Ghost inside us––destroying hell everywhere we go. Everyday, everywhere we go, there are supernatural encounters just waiting to happen.
— Todd White, Evangelist / Lifestyle Christianity
Chad sent me One Thousand Risks, so I read some, cried a bit, and sent along a few grammar tips. We might not believe all the same things but Chad’s got quite an energy about him, I think our ancestors came off the same spaceship.
— Aaron Weiss, mewithoutYou
One Thousand Risks is full of miraculous, personal stories that will inspire you to change your life; to no longer be satisfied with following God in an ordinary, powerless way. It will teach you how to risk a life of surrender to God, leading you to one adventure after another for the rest of your life.
— Jodi Pierce, Co-Founder / Steiger International
Chad writes with brave humility and profound simplicity. Wherever you find yourself, Chad’s story of radical, reckless obedience to the call of God will challenge you to pursue the impossible and to risk everything for the sake of love.
— Mattie Montgomery, Founder / AwakeningEvangelism & Vocalist / For Today
The wild tales that Chad shares in One Thousand Risks point to the reality of Jesus performing a work in our day that is truly astounding. My prayer is that One Thousand Risks stirs your heart to burn with renewed faith, vision, and a sacrificial pursuit after the presence of God.
— Sean Feucht, Bethel Music Artist & Founder of Burn 24-7
This book is calling you and me, all of us, to invest in restoring a hurting world by becoming who we were always meant to be.
— Mina Whitlock, YWAM Kona / The Tribe
Chad is the most innocent, naive, generous, friendly criminal you could ever meet. This guy is just wild. In the same sentence, he’s totally sold out to God and Christ and yet also struggles with everything that everybody else does––almost like there’s this attraction that he has to darkness and light that just wars inside of him. You don’t feel more encouraged than when you’re around Chad. There is a real spirituality to Chad that makes you believe. Chad makes you feel great even when you’re saying the worst things about yourself.
— Toby Morrell, Co-Founder /
Chad took the simple but radical step of opening his life up completely to Jesus. In One Thousand Risks, Chad shows you how you can do the same. You won’t regret it.
— Ray Ortlund, Lead Pastor / Immanuel Nashville Church

What readers are saying about One Thousand Risks:

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One Thousand Risks reads as a miracle-laden mix of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity and Bob Goff’s Love Does. In an era where each faction of Christianity is bending the Bible to fit their respective ideological goals, it’s not hard to be inspired by an outlier who shares the same Gospel-love with the homeless as he does with certified rock stars.
— Relevant Magazine

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