1. Come&Live!

In 2009, several daring friends founded Come&Live! with the dream of seeing revival: this generation loving Jesus. Come&Live!’s vision is to be a worldwide community of artists, boldly using their God-given talent to share the revolutionary message of Jesus with those who have yet to hear it. Come&Live! is a ministry of Steiger International. Learn more at comeandlive.com or steiger.org

2. One Thousand Risks

My pursuit of one thousand risks began as an outlandish dare from my wife after she read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. My wife dared me to live more fully right where I was. I took her up on it—desiring to see God’s light shining all around—without a clue how to proceed.

Over the course of two years, I sought out and documented one thousand risks, with strangers and neighbors alike, in a way that I felt clearly represented the heart of Jesus. Repeatedly I prayed, often times holding hands with strangers, looking them in the eye, praising God for the amazing person in front of me. I experienced powerful salvation stories, supernatural healings, prophetic insights, countless hilarious moments, demonic deliverances, and occasionally remarkable acts of humanity: people breaking down in tears, stepping around counters or other obstacles between us, and simply for a hug.

For all the times I didn’t pursue risk, or purposely dodged opportunities, I still witnessed an explosion of Jesus unlike anything I had ever tasted or seen. Visit onethousandrisks.com.

3. Youth Rising

Youth Rising exists to serve as the visual heartbeat of Come&Live! by experiencing, collecting, and sharing stories of what Jesus is accomplishing through the lives of artists and youth - in every country on the planet. Our vision is to tell stories by way of short-film documentary episodes that provoke and inspire artists and youth to revolutionize the world for Jesus.