Today is a great day!


One early morning before Christmas I was waiting outside of the Jewish community center for Sydney to finish her swim practice. 

I noticed an elderly man getting out of his car and slowly walking with the help of a cane toward the entrance. Immediately I thought to myself that I should take the risk and A.) Ask how he was, and B.) If I could pray for him. 

Instead of doing either, I justified my inactivity on the basis of: 

1. Still being in my pajama's
2. The freezing cold
3. The silly/negative thought that he probably wouldn't want prayer from me anyway

A few weeks later I was awkwardly straddling a workout machine (at the Jewish community center - "the J") when the same man walked slowly past me. I nodded and said hello. He nodded and said hello. 

Again, the "offer-to-pray" thought crossed my heart. 
Again, I convinced myself that focusing on my workout was the better move.

Last week, right as I was leaving the gym, the same man came walking slowly in. This time I could think of no quality excuse fast enough. 

I said hello and properly introduced myself. The man warmly responded with, "Jim Henson from the Muppets, but they call me Jimmy around here." 

We began talking and I shared a bit of who I am and what I do. His eyes perked up as he exclaimed, "I'm a retired minister!" 

At this comment, we both began talking about how much Jesus has accomplished in us and I shared the struggle from weeks earlier about whether I should have gotten out of my car and offered to pray for him. Jimmy deals with a loss of sensation in his feet and was, of course, 100% willing and open to me praying for him right there in the gym. 

All that to say, today is a great day to take a risk with someone, you may even make a new friend in the process. There's no time like right now to extend love, care and a heart full of joy toward someone else - despite what might be going through your head.

Also, Today is the last day to claim One Thousand Risks on the mega cheap (only $5.15 on Amazon for the Kindle/Paperback versions, $7.49 for the audiobook and $11.66 for the hardcover). FYI - Amazon has limited the paperback deal to 4/pp.

Thank you for all the encouragement and support you've shown in my first attempt at authoring a book. The response has been nothing short of astounding. I stand excessively grateful!

Praying the grace of God fuels you with courage and encouragement today.

Risk away!