Leaving My Reactive Old for a Messy, Proactive New.


Historically, I've lived much of my life as a reactive person rather than a proactive one, meaning I am 10x more likely to respond to a situation than anticipate it landing right in front of me. 

One discipline I've been working to develop in the messy, extravagant new is better, stronger goals.

Especially when looking ahead at a fresh year, like I am right now! 

Before I work on goals, I like to organize my workspace and then say a short, genuine prayer, like; "Holy Spirit, what goals should I set? Help!" The difference between self-help goal-setting and Spirit-inspired targets is taking time to invite the Helper's help - and then listening. 

You likely already know this, but it's brand new to me:
SMART goals? 

Time Bound

Here's a link to my "Goals 2018" Google Doc where I create and keep track of my goals on a quarterly basis (I also share them with the elders of my church for accountability & encouragement). Feel free to copy/paste and start your own list. 

Because I'm also highly forgetful, I've set a weekly reminder on iCal (Monday's at 1 PM) to review my goals and create a weekly task-list based on what goals are most pressing. 

Maybe in sharing some of my goals, you'll be encouraged to set some of your own.

If I can do it, you certainly can. 

If there was only one thing you could accomplish/develop/invest in/grow toward this year, what would it be? 

For me, it would be to stay pure in my thoughts and actions. Way easier typed than done.

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The book also seems to be on sale at a bunch of other places, you can visit the Goodreads.com page and click on the "Get a Copy / Online Stores" button to find it.

Jesus, teach me to live with vision, commitment, and pro-action.