Signing bands, smoking weed and Star Wars...

It's late (at least for an old man Dad like me) and we're stopped over for the night in Asheville, North Carolina––the closest city in the Southeast to Seattle and where evangelist Billy Graham has a whole highway named in his honor––on our way back from a short, mostly rain-soaked, still relaxing and fun family vacation thanks to Airbnb and Hilton Head Island. 

The kids, and Beth, were watching Julia Roberts trying to keep up with Bear Grylls. The only comment I heard from them was, "clearly she doesn't do her own stunt work....". 

Tonight was the first chance I had to listen to the brand new Tooth & Nail Records podcast, Labeled. I didn't really know what to expect other than I knew we had spent over three hours "recording" - or what I'd like to think was just a quality conversation. Somehow they managed to whittle the whole thing down to an impressive 45 minutes. If only I could pull that level of editing off in real life...

Since quitting my music career job nine years ago, I've largely moved ahead without giving a whole lot of thought to the past (sometimes to my own detriment and maybe because forgetting is easier than owning up to what I could/should/or would have done differently). 

I'm not sure you'll take away what I did from the podcast––tears, laughing out loud, and hope "resounding loud and clear"––to quote from the beloved Beloved who released one of my favorite albums of all time (hint, Failure On) only to break up and never return. 

More than anything, I was deeply encouraged that the story Jesus has been writing over my life is far from over. And, if He isn't finished writing mine, He isn't finished writing yours. 

Honored to be with you in the story way bigger than anything either of us could tell.

He's worth the awkward and the struggle.

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