I'm the recovering skeptic (and God's grace isn't stressing out).

On the first night of Provoke & Inspire Bogotá, David Pierce, who founded No Longer Music and co-founded Steiger International, was passionately challenging Colombian creatives to get out of the boat and surrender fully to Jesus. David has over thirty years of ministry trials and successes to speak from, so the level of authority he carries for calling people to a life of risk is massive. 

At the end of his sharing, he dropped to his knees and called everyone who wanted a life of full surrender to do the same. Most of the audience got up and joined him.

I watched all of this happening over off to the side of stage left––the shifting of chairs, the shuffling of feet––but especially the loud weeping and heavy-hearted sobs.

The whole front row was a rhythmic cry of repentance steeped in sincerity. 

Thirty-ish minutes later and I found myself taking the stage wondering how in the world to end what was a special moment initiated by David and clearly ambushed by the Spirit. 

On stage, I took the microphone, dropped to my knees and began sharing several impromptu word-thoughts that I sensed applied to some of the conference attendees. 

Within a couple of minutes of sharing I felt a very specific thought come to me: 

Several people came here tonight as total skeptics but were impressed by the passion they've observed. Still, they think you and David are all hype and no depth. They’re struggling to trust. Call them out. 

I felt the thought strong enough that I went with it. I shared how Jesus loves large enough to include anyone willing to receive His love and invited skeptics forward. Totally surprised, I watched ten or more individuals shuffle forward. 

Then I sensed the Holy Spirit directing me with the thought that at least three more people were in the same situation. I asked if there were three more and counted as one, two, and three stepped daringly out of their seats and came to the front. 

Weeping ensued all over again. 

I found myself thinking, still on my knees, that there are times I represent the person who is willing to come to the front and repent simply because it’s the right thing to do. But then there are times where I’m still the recovering skeptic who needs an extra push.

The grace of God is wide enough to meet us all. 

Jesus, thank You for loving faith-filled optimist and skeptic alike.

P.S. I just watched this highly encouraging testimony of a new ager coming to Jesus. Maybe it will encourage you too.