Was I, or am I, a BadChristian?

Yesterday I had the joy of talking to some great friends from my Tooth and Nail days, Toby Morrell and Matt Carter––along with getting to know the one and only Joey Svendsen a bit more––on their BadChristian podcast.

I’m firm in my Jesus convictions, but I always want to remain open to a sincere challenge. It didn’t take long before Toby and Matt found the challenge and sent it my way.

Within the first 20 minutes they made a statement along these lines:

“Chad, your story (of surrendering to Jesus) implies to me, in a way that almost makes me have more questions than answers, are you really saying you weren’t a Christian before? Because it seems you’re trying to put a pivot point to where you really “got it” from God, and make sure everybody knows that your porn, drug use, deception, whatever things you were into - are in the past. And after the point where you really got it, none of those things are a problem any more. That was a clear insinuation at least in the way you told the story. It’s beginning to sound like a formula where “I used to do all these things, but then this happened, and now I don’t do those things. I reject that model of thinking.”

How would you respond?

Feel free to listen to me fumbling for an honest answer.

Note: If there was anything I could do over in connection to being called out of the music industry, it would have been greater love and compassion for those I was working with. Jesus, please continue healing relationships that I didn’t honor the way You do.

P.S. The BadChristian disclaimer applies: The language and topics used in this podcast are for mature listeners. Listen at your own discretion.