I see you as the kind of person...


... who God can change the world with. How do you see you?

Whether you're feeling strong (or deliriously weak) today, you are a gift with potential measuring the full breadth of God's grace. Weak (or irrationaly strong), I pray Jesus satisfies and replenishes your soul (Jeremiah 31:25).

The question I wrestled most while writing One Thousand Risks was, "Could God change the world through seemingly average, ordinary people – like you and me?"

My whole-hearted effort in life is to help persuade you that Jesus loves setting us ALL up to discover adventure in abundance (regardless of personality types, skillsets, gifting, past experiences, etc).

With an all-out-fight against comfort, fear, and living half-heartedly present, One Thousand Risks is intended to stir your heart toward a super-powered life of spiritual significance that is both awkward and awesome

My most-pressing problem was (and often times still is) fear––especially the fear of man, fear of failure, and fear of rejection. 

In response to a conversation with Beth, I began deliberately and consistently fighting fear––one tiny risk at a time, right where I was––which translated into this new life-experience with Jesus. 

We were designed to carry more power than any instrument on the planet.

What if you left the unremarkable old for life in the messy, extravagant new

Take a risk; your Father is king of the universe.

Join me tonight at 7:30PM CST for a Facebook Live event where I'll be talking about who I wrote One Thousand Risks for as well as answering any questions you may have for me.

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God loves changing the world through unlikely (strong & most typically, weak) types (like you and me). Thanks for allowing Him to work in and through you! Be encouraged!

Is there anything I can be praying for you right now?

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