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Thank you for being part of my life & story. I don't take you, or any of this, for granted.

You have no idea how excited I am to have come this far. What a ride! One Thousand Risks: Fighting Fear for an Awkward, Awesome Life with Jesus is available now (with over $125 in free, exclusive bonuses) for pre-order until Monday, December 4th at midnight CST! 

Visit my page where you can pre-order the matte-finish paperback, case-laminated hardcover, or Kindle edition (note: the audiobook version, which was recorded here in Nashville at the historic Kingswood Studios, will be available shortly). 

Additionally, you may pre-order the book via Barnes&Noble.

Here's the scoop on the giveaway resources I mentioned. There are 3 great giveaways (valued at over $125) that you'll get when you pre-order One Thousand Risks between now and Monday, December 4th at midnight CST:

1. FREE Resource # 1: Access to an exclusive live 90-minute coaching/training webinar: The Risk-Taker's Roadmap: 14 Steps To Developing A Super-Powered Life of Spiritual Significance. (plus free PDF of the training curriculum). Value: $49

2. FREE Resource # 2: Access to an exclusive live 60-minute coaching/training webinar: Answering Your Questions (plus a digital download of My 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Risk-Taking.) Value: $39

3. FREE Resource # 3: Access to an exclusive live 60-minute coaching/training webinar: How to Tell a Story (plus digital download of Destination: B-Stories.)
Value: $39

Once you've pre-ordered One Thousand Risks (in any format) by Monday, Dec. 4th at Midnight CST, please go here so I can send you $127 in exclusive offers (i.e. adding you to the coaching webinar guest-list and immediately sending you 3 digital guides aimed at helping you thrive in the messy, extravagant new).

Have I told you how I'm insanely grateful for you? I am!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! 


P.S. Read below for what Seth Tower HurdJosh GarrelsMatt Carter, and Ben Crist had to say about One Thousand Risks, as well as a brief excerpt from the book. 

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Kind words from friends:

Seth Tower Hurd, Relevant Magazine / Neighbors Again Podcast

"I met Chad in 2007 to write a story about him for Relevant Magazine. It was like hopping into a car with an Old Testament prophet. Every time I've hung out with Chad, I've walked away inspired to live a more Christ-like, meaningful, beautiful life. Take the journey through this book, and you'll be changed too."

Josh Garrels, Recording Artist, Musical Engineer & Label Owner

"It lights this little flame in me, which I think is probably Chad’s deal. He goes somewhere and starts a fire in that place and shows people that more is possible. Healing has not necessarily been a known path for me. In my mind, I’ve known it’s possible, that Jesus is all powerful, but I hadn’t personally seen or taken part in healing very often. Maybe a handful of times in the ten years since I’ve been a believer. So, to have God’s power placed back on the radar with Chad, and then inviting me into it...there’s energy, mental and spiritual energy, that’s given. I’ve seen the Lord work in real time to heal my buddy’s ear by degrees, what even turned into a beautiful time." 

Matt Carter,  Co-Founder /

"Chad takes it to another level. He invests in people as a mentor, a guide, and a spiritual leader, even becoming vulnerable to the point where it could threaten his own personal success.

Chad is the most legendary A&R guy in the history of Tooth and Nail Records. Here’s some simple, fun, math: by my count, Chad worked with around 50 bands, most bands having four or five people, so just like that we’re talking 200-250 people that Chad was the A&R guy for. Chad was their mentor, their brother, even their father-figure perhaps, somebody that prayed for them, somebody that invested in them personally, deeply, and authentically. Here’s the crazy thing about that; these aren’t just 250 people, these are 250 public figures that sold, combined, near ten million records. So, his influence is almost unimaginable, incalculable at least. 

My favorite part about Chad’s success is that he achieved it in large part due to his quirky personality and that people found him to be trustworthy, explaining to them directly just how untrustworthy he was, by exposing and owning his flaws. Chad is authentic, transparent and real. In an era where people are less that––authentic, transparent and real––especially in the music business, Chad cut through. He’s influenced other people, myself included, to do the same." 

Ben Crist, Songwriter & Recording Artist / The Glorious Unseen

"Chad has been a personal friend and mentor to me for over ten years now. His passion for Jesus and relentless pursuit of the presence of God is contagious! He always stirs me and challenges me to pursue God with total abandon. Read his story and find yourself inspired."


One Thousand Risks / Excerpt # 4:  

What if this year alone every Christian on the planet took only one risk to love God and neighbor as they love themselves? I know it’s an optimistic thought, but Christianity is the largest religion in the world, with over 2.4 billion converts, meaning one out of every three people believes in Jesus at some level. What if love was actually the driving motivation Jesus intended for you and me? 

Without a connection to God the Father, intimacy with Jesus the Son, and life by the Holy Spirit—Christianity is irrelevant, holier-than-thou, boring, empty, unconvincing, selfish, and weak. It’s exactly where I had landed in my unremarkable old.

What I’m about to suggest is impossible—apart from divine interjection. I’m calling you to take a close, honest look at what God can do when we surrender. When I found Jesus I was everything but Christian––more like agnostic skeptic meets religious Pharisee. I came with nothing but a dusty speck of hope that just maybe Jesus was who He said He was. I gave up, He gave me a new heart and a perspective so fresh I could hardly believe it. Nothing else mattered. I would go anywhere, do anything, share my story with anyone. God so loved the world that He sent Jesus, and I was happy to be His proof.

I started Christian living with zeal, passion, and expectation. I prayed, fasted and meditated often. I read my Bible like it was actually exciting. I led late-night Bible studies on my college campus. I loved sharing my faith. I actually looked for opportunities to care for people. I preached in prisons and to myself. I carried on spiritual conversations with my wife. I worshipped God with abandon every chance I got. More than anything, I dreamed of Jesus changing the world through me. Most of us Christians desire to know God and make Him known like Youth With A Mission, but for many years I struggled to love others, let alone Jesus.

What happened to me? My guess is the same unremarkable old things that ensnared me, have at least tempted you.