Mistakes are Proof We're Living.


I’ve made many mistakes in the last year alone, not to mention my whole life.

Still, our unremarkable old matters.

Without it, there is no messy, extravagant new worth stepping into. 

In my Unremarkable Old:

I allowed fear to control my actions.
I valued safety, comfort, and security higher than a life of risk, hardship or peril.
I did not live to serve others.
I was half-heartedly present.
I was the most important person in my life.

In The Messy, Extravagant New:

Love influences (and inspires) my actions.
Risk, hardship, and peril are valued higher than safety, comfort, or security.

Living is to serve others.
I admit the half-hearted struggle and am discovering the wholehearted present.
Jesus is the most important person in my life.

I’m appealing to you on the basis that you were designed and destined to live from a place of depth where few dare dive. Thankfully, few-in-number has never been a challenge for Jesus. The power of His message wasn’t in the masses He ministered to, but the twelve He charged. They, the Apostles––the same ones who argued about who was the greatest among them or even asked Jesus if they could call down fire to destroy a village––were the ones who first adopted His message and went on to transform the world as we know it. 

Jesus was and is the greatest of lovers. He was a prophet and yet so much more. The way He ignited and modeled the call to adventure wowed me during a time when I had lost all interest in the Bible, faith, and was dabbling in everything except Christianity. I’m in love with the Trinity––God: Creator, Jesus: Son, and the person of the Holy Spirit. They are Father, Brother, Counselor––the One I’m most interested in hearing from.

Jesus, come. Even now––even here––infuse our lives with compassion and boldness so that You would be known more for our awkward obedience than any number of odd hesitations.

How do you handle your mistakes?