The Prayer I've Prayed Most in the Past 7 Years.


For the past seven years, one of my near-daily prayers has been, "God, please give me one opportunity today to love someone as Jesus would. One person whose life I can encourage, build up, and bless––by the Spirit." 

I’ve lost count now, but well over one thousand times, the Holy Spirit has guided me, often opening my shaky heart and trembling mouth to love people a little more as Jesus does.

The Colombians, like you and me, face an enemy that never sleeps.

The problem we wanted to tackle most on our recent trip to Bogotá was fear, especially the kind that keeps artists & creatives from spreading the gospel; much less developing an entire life of risk.

Fear is not our friend, regardless of how much he tries convincing us otherwise. 

One Thousand Risks: Fighting Fear & Following Jesus (Bogotá on Fire), Documentary release = next Wednesday, Oct. 18th!