[Risk No. 684] Surge. Carnival worker. While at a carnival in Willimantic, CT I walked passed a lone man who half-heartedly greeted me with a farewell as I left. As I walked by him I felt the Holy Spirit grip my heart. The further I walked away the more God spoke telling me to go back and talk to him. I felt the Spirit scream, “Take a risk!”. I was scared. It was risky. “What if he rejects me?” I thought to myself. As I continued to walk away, my inner voice and the Spirit’s voice grew louder in opposition. I stopped. I turned around. I walked back.

Hey, is there anything I can pray for you about? “No…what do you need?” Nothing at all. came my confused response. “Well what’s your name?" I shared my name, slightly discouraged. “Surge.” he replied. I just felt God telling me to talk to you. Are you sure there’s nothing you’d like me to pray for you for? “No.”

Unable to think of anything else to say I ended the encounter with an "Alright, well I hope you have a great night! God bless you.”

As I walked away the second time having taken the risk I couldn’t help but hear his words rattle through my now silent head. “What do you need?” Perhaps it was the odd setting of a carnival but can’t someone just give without an ulterior motive? Can’t someone encourage without indirectly asking for something in return? I have no regrets. Had I never yielded to the Spirit’s leading and talked to this man I would have all the regrets in the world.

I learned two things from my risk: 1.) Always take the risk. Who cares if they reject you? Love will never return void. 2.) We as Christians need to do a lot more selfless giving and a lot less selfish taking.

This was my first risk. It was awkward. It was awesome. - Gabriel