Matthew & Co.

[Risks No. 628-629] I was able to find a quick break at one of my favorite SoCal spots, The Bruery. That's where I met Matthew from across the table. I asked if his father had been part of the Calvary Chapel movement. "No, not that I know of." Ok, cool. Well I see you as someone who God is going to use in special ways. Encouraged him in his heart for others and loved on him. He acknowledged that he desires to treat others the way he wants to be treated. While there I met a guy sitting next to me. I said hello and we began talking. I asked him what he did and he provided his professional answer. Then I explained Come&Live! and what God has called me to. "Oh, dude, that rules. I actually was just listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon and I work for a full-time ministry that helps fund churches." Haha, cool. Got to pray for and encourage my new brother.

Awkward, but learning!, PrayerCJ