Savannah +3.

[Risks No. 589-592] Savannah was serving busy customers on this cold Southern morning. I was talking with a friend about dreaming with God and believing Him for visions that no human could ever pull together apart from aid divine. While in conversation, I sensed the Holy Spirit prompting me to remind Savannah that she also was a dreaming visionary. I stopped her briefly as she came near our table. Savannah, I see you as someone who God is able to entrust dreams and visions to. Where the sign "IMPOSSIBLE" hangs down, you're able to look right on past it. She came alive and interjected, "You have no idea. I needed that so bad. I just was chewed out for doing a bad job and you just made my day!" Jesus loves you.

He really does.

On my way out I noticed three other chef's/helper's talking together. I approached and asked if any were in pain, they were not. I told them God loved them and thanked them for who they are.

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