Thank God It's Friday.

[Risks No. 570 - 586] My friend Matt and I decided to walk around the shopping center nearest to C&L!'s offices, simply offering to bless people. I'm always awed by the fear/insecurity I sense prior to something like this and then elation/excitement when realizing how much God has empowered us for the task at hand. We obey, He does the rest. Here is a short summary of some of the people we encountered and how our time went down.

1. Pooh. Dollar general. Blessed her and prayed for her.

2. Chris. He had worked out and could not straighten his arms. Prayed and he was instantly able to fully straighten his arms. Prayed and spoke encouragement over his life. God gave us a word for him about belonging and his wrestling with it.

3. Marci. Asked us to pray for her friend with breast biopsy. We happily did.

4. Tommy. He was a sweet Baptist man with back problems. Prayed for him and he prayed for us. It ruled!

5. Awkward employee, gave him a word about church hurts, tried to get a hug. Turned down on 2 occasions. I can't force God's presence on him. Lord, bless him all the same!

6. We bought groceries for a lady who wouldn't let us pray for her. Cute how that worked. Her card wasn't working and I was inspired to pull a fast one. She seemed shocked.

7. Tried to pray for other employee and older man, they didn't want anything to do with us. It's OK. God loves them!

8. Chastity, word about her relationship and she later came back to tell us the word was on point.

9. A lady talked with us for a long time but wouldn't let us pray. She wanted to seek the word about prayer in public and whether it was OK to do that. Thought of how funny a thought, but then it dawned on me that she really did want to confirm that, as a young Christian, praying in public was acceptable. Lord, show her Your ways!

10, Kathleen, back/neck/knees/carpel tunnel in wrists. Prayed over her and all pain/issues left.

11. We were politely asked to leave the clothing store, but the lady we were with at the time responded, "Oh, they're not bothering me. This is great!" After our conversation with her we respectfully left and asked God to bless the employees on our way out.

12. Lady outside of store. Prayed for her knee and stress/joy.

13. Beverly. Prayed she would be cancer free and prayed for her knee. Healed and encouraged. Her knee felt 100% better. The cancer was not causing pain and could not be tested.

14. Mother Wilx, cane - prayed and encouraged her. She was amazing. Smiled like an angel.

15. Younger lady we prayed for who was dealing with stress. At first she didn't know what to think of us but we shared how much God loved her and built rapport. She openly received prayer.

16. Ralph. Blessed him and encouraged him.

17. Ryan. Encouraged him.