Rodney +.

[Risks No. 429 - 430] Rodney stood awkwardly across the street from me outside Dollar General. I was getting out of my car when I noticed him on crutches and a huge brace on his left leg. I wrestled with whether to offer to pray for him. Father, help me not to wrestle but just do. I want to grow in obedience! Turns out his car had fallen on him while he was working under it and was scheduled to return to the Doctor for surgery. He welcomed prayer and shared how he believed in Jesus. I prayed twice over him and he noticed a reduction of pain. His friend, "Master (I think I understood him properly but didn't have the muscle to ask)," assisted him into the back of his car when I felt God gave me a word about Master's back. Have you been dealing with chronic back issues? "Yeah." Man, let's pray - Jesus is going to heal you. We prayed and his back was instantly pain free. They were both encouraged and I began my day with a testimony of God's love. Thanks Lord!