[Risk No. 376] While at Trader Joe's with Beth and David I noticed a woman with a funny strap and significant limp in her left leg. I avoided her at first, letting doubt and fear snake me. I saw her a second time and decided just to go for it. I explained my heart for healing and asked what was going on. She explained that MS (Multiple Sclerosis) was going on - 16 years of it. I encouraged her that I have now seen God heal MS and I'd love to pray for her. "I would be very open to that," came her sweet response. I held her hand and rebuked the disease, welcoming every little bit of heaven to invade her body with grace. She thanked me and I was off. I honestly didn't even think to ask her what she was feeling (which has now become quite normal for me). Instead of feeling guilty for what I could/should have done, I rejoiced that God enabled me to risk and anticipate the day I meet Amy again to find how God has wonderfully responded to a simple prayer.