Charlie's knees.

[Risk No. 181] Self check-out isles are handy especially on a quick, post-church, grocery run. I had noticed Charlie, a middle-aged African-American man, earlier in my shopping experience. I had said hello to him as we crossed paths in the isle. I wondered whether his limp was due to knee problems. During the check-out process I realized that Charlie had just begun checking himself out as I completed my payment. I asked him if his knees were giving him problems. They were. "Arthritis?" Yep. "Can I pray that Jesus heals your knees?" Charlie kindly agreed. I placed my hand on his shoulder with my 7 year-old son standing next to me. Knees, be better. Arthritis, leave. Bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons: work together properly! Sometimes, as with this time, I did not feel the necessity to have him test out his knees. Normally I do, but there are times where I just sense a peace that someone is (or will be) healed with or without immediate testing.