[Risk No. 116] I made the mistake of buying a Volkswagen Jetta. Twice. Mine have been like Pharisees, good-looking on the outside, lacking on the inside. Visited my local Autozone to have a diagnostics test run. Dexter, a 50's-something man, helped me. I immediately noticed his limp. It wasn't extremely obvious but it was there. Funny the things I notice that even just a couple of years ago I wouldn't have even looked at twice. While he awkwardly plugged his computer into my car, I asked if his knees gave him problems. "Yes, Arthritis." Discovered that he was in pain and that his knees always give him trouble. Offered to pray. "If you feel like it, you can," was his hesitant response. "I feel like it!," was mine. I told arthritis to leave and welcomed the Holy Spirit's presence to restore his cartilage and to make his knees new. Dexter didn't feel anything change and I encouraged him that God was faithful and that his knees would be restored. I hope to see him again and follow-up on what God has done.

Healing (physical), Prayer, RisksCJ