Alex & Antonia.

[Risk No. 95] I knew I was going to be going to the grocery store today so I asked God to give me someone to bless. I had a “vision” for lack of a better word, that whoever it was would be in the makeup isle, but didn't even know if it was God, so I quickly filed the thought away. I parked and as I walked into the store a Hispanic woman caught my eye and I thought maybe she was the one. I prayed, “Ok Jesus, if I'm right, you will confirm it and help me.” I had a pretty big list so I just went about doing what I was there for and occasionally praying. I spotted the woman a couple more times and the feeling that it was her increased each time. but I still wasn't 100% sure.

I had shopped my way to the back of the store but remembered some snacks I had not gotten towards the front so went back to get them. After finding them I then remembered I wanted to see if they had a particular brand of makeup and so turned down that isle. As I rounded the corner I looked at the other end where the makeup was and there stood the woman! It took about 5 seconds for it to hit me that I had earlier received the vision of the one I was to bless being right where she was. My first thought was, “Target confirmed Jesus, now show me what to do!” Didn't feel like I should do anything right then but wait, however I couldn't resist looking at her as she passed me and giving her a big smile!

I usually take twice as long as most people to shop because of my tendency to meander and back track but at that point I felt like the Spirit was prompting me to finish up the rest of my list without delay. I had such a strong impression that Jesus' time was going to bring it all together though, that I wasn't worried about missing her.

Checkout went quickly and when I finished paying for, and bagging my groceries, I started for the door and of course there is the lady walking out right in front of me! I didn't have any problem staying behind her because she also went down the same isle of the parking lot I was parked in and stopped two cars before mine. As she reached for the back door of her van I walked up to her and asked her if I could pray for her. She said, “poquito English” which I knew meant she only spoke a little English then she motioned to someone in the front of the van at which point a Hispanic gentlemen got out of the car and came to stand by us. I told him that I believed Jesus wanted me to pray for them and was there anything that they would like prayer for? He said, “yes, family have life.” I prayed for them and when I finished they just looked at me with gratitude and thanked me. I told them to have a blessed day and headed for my car, a smile on my face.

Can't wait till heaven, when I get to find out what He did for them! :) - Danni.

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