[Risk No. 52] I had a calendar event to go to the bank at lunchtime to set up a savings account for my third son, Ransom. I prayed that God would connect me to someone so I could take a risk and pray for them.

Lunchtime came and I made my way first to the library to pick up a movie on hold. As I'm checking out I enter into an internal wrestling match about talking with the checkout lady but don't say anything. I left feeling like a coward but also not convinced that I was meant to say anything. I thanked God for his grace and headed to the bank.

An employee in his mid 20's helped me, named Eric. He was a super nice guy, very easy going and we chatted family and life, etc. When I handed him my son's birth certificate for verification he said, "Great day for a birthday." The guy I'd been praying for in the morning has the same birthday as the son for whom I was opening the account!

As he went to get paperwork I asked God for a word and felt like "dependable" and "fruit bearing" were the ones to speak to him. I also asked God for a way into the conversation that wasn't too awkward. When he came back I said, "So do you like stories?" He said he did and I told him my story of how I am a pastor who is committed this year to taking more risks and praying for people as God leads and that I'd been praying for him already even though I had no idea who I would meet. I shared how funny and confirming the birthday 'coincidence' was and then told him I had a couple of words I thought were from the Lord.

After I shared them, I asked if they resonated at all. He said, "Well, I want to be a dependable guy." I affirmed that God sees him that way.

We talked more and he's a Christian, a former Mars Hill Church attender before he and his wife moved back to Nampa. So we have common ground, and live near each other in the city too.

Jesus, thanks for encouragement and thanks for Eric. Please bless he and his wife. Increase the present reality of dependability and fruit bearing in Eric. - Johnny (Nampa, ID)