Bruce Wayne.

[Risk No. 50] I didn't pray for Bruce Wayne, though that's how I remembered Wayne's name. Name by association is the easiest way I can cause recall to stick. In this case, I had dropped library books off and was walking back to my car. A 30's-something man was walking up the sidewalk where I had parked. For a split second I wrestled with whether to approach him. Just do it. Hey man, how can I pray for you? I know it's a crazy question but I just feel God's put this passion in my heart to pray for people (big smile). Wayne looked at me funny and then asked me to pray that God would bring him a job. That's my cue. I offered my hand and prayed that God would do just that. He walked off with a quirky smile. Bless all those seeking jobs (or new, more fitting jobs) this year, Lord. There are so many in need - connect the dots for them for your glory.

Encouraging, RisksCJ