Trez (Tray-zzz).

[Risk No. 20] My daughter wanted a calendar from Petsmart. Random request but she had apparently seen one online with photos of cute dogs. It's a joy to learn to trust Jesus for public encounters with my kinds en-tow. I pray the Lord continues to enlarge their hearts for the people of this world. Trez (pronounced Tray-zzz) checked us out. He was a tall African-American who looked to be in his early 20's. Often times I ask Jesus to give me a word, literally one (1) word for someone. I don't think I can recall a time where the Lord gave me 1 word and then didn't begin adding more (usually far more detailed/impactful meaning to it). A single word seems a bit easier than formulating a paragraph or two, at least as a starting point. I received the word, "Committed" for him and shared some thoughts. He smiled and thanked me. I asked if he had a sports-related injury. He did not (failed word of knowledge - great opportunity to grow). I told him I was glad I was wrong and was learning to hear God's voice. I'd rather risk and be wrong than stay quiet and have been right.